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Production Program

The ALACO s.r.o. company focuses primarily on production, distribution and the export of castings from various aluminium alloys.

All products are intended either for end users or for further processing, as parts of other equipment. The current assortment comprises approximately 400 types of castings for various industries (engineering, air ventilation systems, food industry, car industry, mining industry...), which represents a total volume of 200 tons per year.

The input materials are supplied by renowned manufacturers and their technical composition is declared by a chemical composition analysis.

Materials used
STN Chemical composition Comparable alloys
42 4330 AlSi12Mn DIN 230
42 4331 AlSi10MgMn DIN 239
42 4334 AlSi7Mg A 356
42 4339 AlSi8Cu3 DIN 226
LM 30
42 4415 AlMg4,
DIN 3.3547