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The company ALACO, s.r.o. provides its customers with comprehensive services in the production of large aluminium castings with complex shapes. Based on the requirements and supplied drawings or 3D data, we cooperate with the customer on the construction and design of the final casting. Following our proposed casting technology, the production of model equipment is realized either internally on a 3D CNC milling machine or is provided in cooperation.

We also offer additional services such as shot-blasting, heat treatment, mechanical machining of casting to the final shape, impregnation and surface treatment of castings (anodizing, industrial painting).


Automated alpha-set line with regeneration


Machine forming into sand molds

Foundry machine

Gravity die casting

Automated alpha-set line with regeneration

  • Melting equipment:

    1x gas crucible tilting furnace KP 1000 Al

  • Dimensions of frameless sand molds:

    max. 1600 × 1600 × 800

  • Weight of castings:

    from 5 kg to approx. 200 kg

  • Workplace capacities:

    The production capacity of the ALPHA-SET line is approx. 40 tons/month

Machine forming into sand molds

  • Melting equipment:

    4x electric resistance crucible tilting furnace CACD 350 Al

  • Forming machines:

    one pair of FORMAT 20 machines with max. frame size 600 × 450 × 200 mm

    one pair of FORMAT 30/RETOMAT 30 machines with max. frame size 850 × 750 × 300 mm

  • Weight of castings:

    FORMAT 20 – from 0.5 kg to approx. 15 kg

    FORMAT 30 – from 1.0 kg to 28 kg

  • Workplace capacities:

    The production capacity of FORMAT 20 is approx. 20 tons/month

    The production capacity of FORMAT 30 is approx. 30 tons/month

Gravity die casting

  • Melting equipment:

    1x electric resistance crucible furnace CACD 250 Al

  • Gravity die machines:

    3 gravity die machines with hydraulic core pullers

  • Weight of castings:

    from 0.1 kg to approx. 30 kg

  • Workplace capacities:

    The production capacity of the gravity die workplace is approx. 20 tons/month

Sand core production

Since our company specializes in the production of castings with complex shapes, in addition to the manual production of large CT cores (core weight from 40 kg and above), since 2012, sand cores have also been produced using an automated core shooting method (COLD BOX).

Deburring and shot-blasting of castings

By deburring with fine orbital sanders/milling tools and subsequent shot-blasting of castings with CrNi40 ball medium in a shot-blasting machine with a hanging fixture, we offer our customers castings with the highest surface quality.  


Additional processes provided by ALACO in cooperation:

  • X-ray inspection

  • 3D measurement of castings

  • heat treatment

  • mechanical machining of castings into the final shape

  • impregnation

  • painting


Main goals of our company are production process management, interoperational inspection of castings at each stage of production as well as meeting the delivery deadlines. We have top technical equipment to ensure the quality of input materials, production process and finished products ready for dispatch. Our qualified employees are regularly trained within individual production units. The training topics are e.g. preparation of forming mixtures, chemical analysis of material, preparation of melt, analysis of castings defects, etc.

The company ALACO, s.r.o. has been certified by SGS since 2005 and owns the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.




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